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Nice to meet you, I'm Zach

RAW Artists Ovation Showcase, Austin TX 2018
Photo Credit Steven Snow and Manuel Gonzales

Upon Completion of Argentium Series with Ronda Coryell at Creative Side Jewelry Academy 2018

My name is Zach Wright.  I'm a lapidarist and jewelry artist based out of Austin,TX.  My work features natural gems and minerals with a focus on minimalism and elegance, allowing the inner beauty of the stone to shine through. I strive to make Mother Nature the focal point of each piece.  I believe the metal enclosing the stone should merely be a frame outlining the true masterpiece. 

I began my journey in the mid-west in 2009, hunting for gems, and making hand-made jewelry. Initially I used mostly recycled metal, re-purposing unwanted scraps (from discarded electrical appliances, pipes, wires, etc.) into small pieces of beauty. At the time, they looked a little like this...







My work has since evolved into using high-end precious metal, such as argentium silver, sterling silver, gold-filled, and 22k gold.  Since I began taking classes at Creative Side Jewelry Academy in 2018, my techniques also evolved as I acquired more technical skills such as bezel setting and fold forming.  I am currently working part-time as a studio assistant at Creative Side. This is my home away from home.  













And most importantly, this is my dog Maya.  She is awesome. 












Creative Side Jewelry Academy